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Information about the final seminar registration and course certificate for participation

Information to participants taking the “open version” of the course. If you have participated in the open version of the course, and have done all the mandatory blog assignments (see the instructions for module 1-4), click here to request a course participation certificate. Information to participants taking the “credit-bearing version” of the course. The final […]

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Latest Posts

The Idea of Idea Management

2019-06-04 | Peter Hellekant

So what is so damn important about being open to ideas, anyway?  I think most people are open to new ideas, as long as they don’t involve change or affecting daily life.  There is an old sayin...

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Experiences from screening ideas

2019-06-01 | Josefin Taubert

In my organization we have gathered quite some experience in screening ideas. I am responsible for the process from idea submission until idea selection. Every time when we have a new ideation campaig...

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Idea refinement

2019-05-29 | Josefin Taubert

In our organization we have in the last two years been working with ideation campaigns with a very similar outline as the exercise we have done here during the course. First ideas are submitted, then ...

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The final module and course certificate requests.

2019-05-16 | Johan Netz

The final module is underway, head over to the instruction page to read more about the final assignment (only for credit-bearing participants). For those who have participated in the open version of t...

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Modul 4

2019-05-11 | jamesbala

When given the task to screen ideas on how to deal with “fake news” I found a quite surprising pattern. Even though I gave a high rating on the majority of ideas with regards to the criteria’s; ...

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Screening and assessing ideas

2019-05-09 | Cat Halthur

In my experience, assessment of potential ideas within my organisation(s) has been left to a board of directors, or people with a similar, but less formal, role within the department. Commonly, these ...

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Module 4 Idea Assessment

2019-05-09 | Hayley McLaughlin

As a whole, our idea assessment procedures are not necessarily efficient but I would still argue that they are effective in that for the sector I belong to, we still manage to come with new ideas to m...

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Idea Assessment

2019-05-09 | Patrik Nilsson

When an idea has been shaped and molded, the idea needs to be screened before it is implemented. This screening, or idea assessment, can be carried out in many ways. In some industries, these assessme...

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Tweetchat on Idea assessment!

2019-05-09 | Johan Netz

Don’t forget the Tweetchat today at 12.30 CET. Topic: Reflections on idea assessment coupled with your own experiences. See you soon! Follow us on Twitter @im_ctf and the course hashtag #im74 to jo...

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