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Now you can start refining ideas!

Module 3 is all about idea refinement! Hence we now open the system so that you can help refine those ideas you find most interesting among those submitted to the system in the previous module. Below you see a short “how-to guide” which also is available on the “How to guides (instructions and videos)” page […]

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Latest Posts

Module 2 second assignment experience regarding generating ideas

2019-03-14 | thelspguy

I find working with generating ideas work really well when you have some kind of framework as a starting point for the creative process. We have used a variety of techniques on generating ideas such a...

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Previous experience in idea generation

2019-03-14 | Cat Halthur

Previous experience from generating ideas in organisation: I have worked mainly in organisations where ideas are expected to pop up naturally, and be generally discussed under ”miscellaneous” on t...

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Experience in Ideas’ Generation

2019-03-14 | natalia2019

Experience in Ideas’ generation. I was lucky to work in sales for different service providers during the biggest part of my life, and abased on my experience being a sales person is one of the most ...

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Problem Generation

2019-03-14 | Patrik Nilsson

In the case of idea generation, I do not believe there is one method that fits all ideas. While reviewing the material provided in this course, I have come to believe that the generation of an idea st...

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On my experience from our Idea Generation assignment…

2019-03-14 | Magnus Jonasson

The theme quite quickly slid into some kind of semi automatic “crowd-fuelled” verification system in order to direct the reader – not to deliver a wrong/right answer. Yes my background came ...

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A good hue

2019-03-13 | Krista Ashmen

The idea generation challenge was a lot of fun to think about. I have had kitchen conversations with my husband on the topic prior to the challenge so I felt I had gotten a clear enough picture of the...

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Module 2 Idea Generation

2019-03-13 | Hayley McLaughlin

In a customer-facing role whereby daily discussions with users regarding new ideas, enhancement wishes & general feedback are always initiated, it has been difficult & at times demotivating wo...

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My experience of generating ideas

2019-03-13 | Inesa Stockunaite

In my current role as a marketing manager I have been working with ideas generation in a format of organising internal brainstorming sessions. There were several situations when we were looking into f...

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Module 2 How to generate ideas

2019-03-13 | Sara Hägle

My main thought is how do I/we understand the mission? How do we get the same picture of the case? How can we make our thoughts visible for eachother for our collective understanding? What factors are...

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