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Report template

A template is now available for the final report! For more information head over to the “Project work” module, or download it directly by clicking here.    

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Latest Posts

The issue of assessing ideas

2018-06-08 | Simon Fjellner

Let’s face it; idea assessment is difficult. If it were not, we would have potentially become even more developed in the world, but at the same time we have made it this far. Turning to businesses i...

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Idea Management introduction

2018-05-28 | F Romano

To develop business and to improve we need to continuously create new ideas. If there won’t be ideas, subsequently there won’t be innovation of the products, efficiency of them and no satisfac...

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Final assignment module 4 – idea assessment

2018-05-28 | Mathias Nyhues

After having read the suggested literature for module 4, an interesting acknowledgement was revealed by the article written from our course leaders. Peter Magnusson, Johan Netz, and Erik Wästlund (20...

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Idea assesment, module 4.

2018-05-14 | Dimitris Porichis

Idea assessment is the most critical phase of the procedure, since the idea assessors have to make a decision which products / services are “good enough” and the “best” to implement. Within my...

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Going through all the ideas and having to asses them and rate them was quite challenging at the beginning. I have to admit that there were quite a few challenges that I had to face. First of I wasn’...

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Assessment – the struggle to do it the right way

2018-05-08 | Karin Echeverri

It is indeed a challenge to assess ideas. Within this modules’ assignment, I struggled for a long time with the methodology; would I use intuition (system 1) or rationality (system 2)? Both methods ...

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Idea screening

2018-05-08 | Bo Femtvik

I have screened and rated ten ideas, listed below with comments. Most ideas are of a soft nature and not really business oriented. Hence, criterias as strategic fit and profitability are not totally r...

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Idea Screening

2018-05-08 | F Romano

Referring to my job experience, there could be some examples when screening ideas. We found it hard to arrive to a solution which everyone would agree. The process is not that easy. Everyone gives own...

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My process for idea assessment

2018-05-08 | Kristin Lilieqvist

Since there are so many ideas, the first step was to decide what ideas to assess. My initial thought was to just read every 3rd or fourth idea, but since I was so fond of my own ideas, I couldn’t he...

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