Idea management (2019) open for registration!

September 26, 2018

By Johan Netz

Innovations start with ideas. Knowledge of how to create, develop, and select ideas that lead to successful innovations are therefore essential. This course will give you a review of idea management practices, and teaches you how to manage the generation, refinement, and assessment of ideas for both product and service innovations.


During the course you will learn from recent research at the Service Research Center, CTF, and facilitate idea management activities yourself in a learning-by-doing methodology. After the course you will: 1) know the main theories behind idea management, 2) be able to apply methods for idea generation, idea refinement, and assessment, 3) understand and critically reflect about the pros and cons of various methods, and 4) analyse an organisation’s idea development process and be able to propose areas of improvement.

We will start in week 4, 2019 and will continue for 20 weeks. The course is a hybrid mooc, which means that you can participate either as officially registered student for credit or as open learner. If you want to study for credit you need to apply here. If you do not need credits, simply sign the registration form, so we can keep in touch with you.
Either way, the course is for free and we are looking forward to have you with us!
If you are keen spread the word in your network – the more the merrier!

See you soon and have a great time until then!


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