Welcome to FEAD74, Idea Management!

December 11, 2018

By Johan Netz

Our collaborative 20 week knowledge exchange will start very soon and we would like to take the opportunity to extend a very warm welcome!

The course will start on 24th of January 2019 and we would like to help you getting up to speed with it.

Please remember to access this page regularly as well as checking your email to make sure you receive all future course related information. The course is offered in two versions; as an “official” credit bearing distance course (“FEAD74”) and as an open networked learning course, open to everyone (no requirements, no university credits). As enrolled student you need to register here on the course homepage as well as via my page at kau.se.

Before starting on the 24th of January, we advise you to have a look around the Idea management course homepage, the information regarding the course, design and structure.

We are very excited about learning with you during the course and hope to connect with you online very soon.

//Johan, Peter, Lars, Alex, Jana