February 14, 2019

By natalia2019

We live in rapidly changing times, in your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing society within the next five years?

I think one of the biggest challenges that we are facing right now is the acceleration of all the processes around us – starting from climate changes, population growth, speed of the data processing and development of the technology / medicine. To adopt ourselves to this fast changing environment we need to find out new ways of our interaction with this reality, quickly modify those ways and share this ideas and experiences with others.

During my career path, I have worked in different international teams and companies, and all of them declared themselves as the open-mind and innovative companies. I think it is hard to find an example of the company which is promoted as conservative monoliths, may be funeral services but it is a nature of their business…
But back to my personal experience, even if there are any ideas development’s corporate policies, innovations centres or whatever, in reality only the creative atmosphere, openness and readiness to try something new (and even make mistakes) are the only reasons for the idea generation and development, its implementation and further adjustment.
In my experience the biggest quantity of the new ideas are connected to the working processes optimizations as if the idea decrease the amount of the monkey job, makes life easier for your team and takes away some stress or negative outcome of the working process, the involved employees can see clear benefited and they are motivated to try something new, such ideas normally find support from the boss’s side too as they considers them as a low risk innovation – they are always able to switch the working procedures back.
I think that the service companies or servicing functions of the industrial companies are much more flexible in developing new ideas for their services and innovations can gain more support here due to obvious technological reasons.

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  1. Good reflection about how companies view themselves! In some cases labelling oneself as innovative is a mere fashion statement because in the minds of many people and business partners innovation=good. But it is not. Every new thing created also disrupts existing processes and leads to new consequences and force people to adapt to the new environment. Plus, in some cases innovation=risk.
    I think that the more realistic way of viewing it is innovation=opportunity. And for the employees it may even equate to fun! So, if the companies need to understand whether they are interested in pursuing new opportunities, or keep doing what they are doing, but in a rapidly changing landscape standing still might mean that the rest of the train already left 😀

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