Assignment in module 1

February 14, 2019



Assignment in module 1

We are living in rapidly changing time, to survive or to compete in the market, requires continuous personal development and skills improvement, to enable us to stay in the front. Especially due to the involvement of AI, the uncertainty is at the highest level ever since human beings started to predict things. The velocity how the world around us is evolving will not surprise us, if something which we have never heard off in our live before has been promoted to be a necessity.

Due to the volatility in all fields, it is essential to keep continuous improvement as part of life to grow the business. Ideas generation and exchange plays a big role during complex problem solving and innovation or development.

Apart from above mentioned, there are many places where ideas are generated, refined and assessed does occur. A good example is during a root cause analysis i.e. once the problem is clearly defined and move to solving phase. All root causes are listed without any prejudgment. Critical thing in these processes are the unbiasedness and clarity of mind to achieve what tool we are using, has been designed for.

An example of the above discussed can be described via 4Q or L6δ processes which is used to scrutinize the issues and to capture all aspects based on “Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control/Sustain” framework, also referred as methodologies. It is clearly highlighted by the methodologies that it will serve purpose only when it will be considered as a project and must have a responsible to lead and drive the matter from scratch till resolution.

The important thing in all problem solving is that we analyze things and find out relevant ideas from the brainstorming sessions. Noteworthy point is that not all ideas may not lead to the required results. It is always our target to define the inputs based on consequences that it may brought up in the end. Pareto is the most common tool that is generally used in this situation. Filtering out 20% of relevant information narrows down the probability of hitting the bullseye.

With regards to businesses, the incomparable increase in complexity, creates a lot of challenges. The biggest challenge is lack of clarity and the difficulty to understand needs of customer. Nowadays products with customize solutions are more acceptable to the consumers and thus redefining the innovation and improvement processes thus impacting the rate of change in our world. An example can be our smart phones, where every vendor has some customized features based on either geographical or cultural domains.

Physiologists also plays a vital role in defining the consumer mindset and giving inputs to the developers. In this changing world, it is no more up to the technologist to drag the development, but it is a collective effort from all fields in society. The subject of changing world is still a mystery to the think tanks and the only solution is to use technology against technology to predict as much as possible about the evolution.

I will conclude this topic with this statement that VUCA is just the proper depiction of the world we are living in and what we need to deal with in our day to day life.

By: Khalif Ismail

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  1. In addition, an interesting situation is the case of “wicked problems”, which is essentially an complex or even impossible problem to define or solve. The approach in this case is that one is looking not for the optimal solution, but a satisfactory one, knowing that it will have consequences but willing to live with those consequences. This approach also requires a good situational awareness and understanding of how things are, how are they perceived, and who will be impacted by this.

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