Final (5th) assignment in module 1

February 14, 2019

By Samyak Shirshak

As I am a student of Medical Science I see that the Institution and administration of my college handles the idea generation Especially to OPD outpatient department and their treatment and how to liberate the people available there for the treatment.

First of all the decision have been made are futuristic it is based on the need of people

Our planning team  is completely based on agility and how that is raised utility best action to attend stability quickly every feedback is taken and every taken feedback and then it is feed forwarded ,embedded quickly all the people in the planning  decides  the ideas should be generated so that each people are treated well. Every people in planning team provide some kind of ideas and the common ideas are picked up and executed   and there will be a pilot experimentation   in a small scale just to know about whether it is right or wrong. It is a kind of test and verification process so that wrong steps can be corrected. Which main purpose is testing and verifying to know whether it is friendly for the people or for the treatment of the people and for the benefits of the people

After this the common or more realistic and situation best ideas are selected

And then their ideas are implemented then we do a commercialization and launch of the program after knowing all ideas are completely in positive direction

In this whole procedures, there is an improvement cycle in which the ideas which are generated is completely transferred to Executive body and the executive body give feedback to the planning team these feedback and feed forward it if there requirement to change something then changes are made very quickly and all this things are performed easily to get a positive goal. And treatment of people is done fastly , quickly and make them healthy and fit again.

We live in rapidly changing times, in your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing society within the next five years?

The biggest challenges facing society within next five years are these three

  1. The first one is land use and land utilization land use to accommodate exploding populations. Growing population results in expansion of land use by people to forest area it is causes deforestation and harms the natural balance and natural resources.

2.Global climatic change is the challenges we are going to face in the future is regarding climate change the emission of carbon is so high that it causes many degradation to environment not only to our atmosphere but to the land on which we leave ,The agriculture uses and the agriculture products and its by-products also become harmful. The Other factors  due to climatic change is that global warming increases due to global warming increased due to which glaciers melts due  this  the sea level increases and the land which is at low level will be vanished , chances that these cities will be lost and we are going to remember it as a lost cities.

3. Third one is automation technology and a life with no privacy because of the evolution of Technology and artificial Intelligence and Robotics utilization in industries most of the jobs have been cut off the new criteria of job have been formed and whatever that we shared on social medias will be available for most of the brands companies for the advertising brainwashing and to manipulate our minds using our own Desire, choices.