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February 14, 2019

By semadea

The city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada is one of the main tourist attraction place in the U.S. for the sake of memorable entertainment, hotel services, gambling, vacation destination not only for those who are coming from outside of U.S. but also for those who reside in the other states.

If one takes a close look at what the hotels do in their day to day activity, it’s not mere hotel services like bedding; as there are a lot of co-existing products which might range from luxurious foods and drinks to a lot of world class entertainment shows held in their respective avenues. This situation creates a very high competitive market for each individual hotels to be at their best in the hotel industry. Being  proactive through idea management and implementation of best practices, to be on top of this competitive market is one of the best strategies the hotels follow.This strategy is not only helpful to stay in the business but to be a choice of destination in attracting guests all over the world to spend their vacation time & money and have their life best experiences.

The company I am working for is engaged in the rendering of hotel services and creating the best ever experience for its guests. These guests may be a first time visitor or those who are coming back to repeat their past best enjoyed time.

This hotel, being part of the high competitive market; uses idea management as its one of the best modalities of the business strategies. Though the evaluation, refinement  and decision making with regard to the idea management really lies to the top executives in the hierarchy of the company, all team members of the company take part in the idea generation and design stages.

Employees (team members) are always encouraged to come up with new ideas on how to provide best and quality services to our guests. Managers and supervisors of all departments; which extend from the front line to the back stages have their office doors open and always vigilant to hear what internal customers (employees) have to say about, their experiences with guests, any feed backs they got from happy or unhappy guest and their own new idea of better service for a better guest experience.

Though there is a center for research and development, employees at all level are not only welcomed for their new ideas but also appreciated and prized as their ideas mean a lot to the company to be at its best at all times.

For example, in my department, where we do the accounting and auditing part of the company, we have a short meeting called “Huddle” which is held twice a week. The purpose of this short meeting is to acquaint team members of any new activities in the company, new services, new appointments or any kind for which all employees need to be aware of. But at the same time there will be an open discussion if any one has an idea on how to better do our work plus create the best customer experiences to our guests.

The team members in each sections of our department will also have a monthly meeting with the director of the department. The main aim of this meeting is to give each team member a chance to take part in the idea generation; which will then be passed to high executives for refinement and decision making; for the improvement of our best existing services.

What is the biggest challenge facing society with in the next five years?

Technological innovations, advancements and implementations are changing practically at the speed of light and this is enforcing companies either be part of the innovation or be left behind.Though these technological advancements enhance better and quality services in the eye of the companies which are implementing and using them, on the other side of the sphere, societies are being highly challenged. we are witnessing the takeover of human job positions by these new technological innovations which might be a big threat unless mitigated by other solutions.

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  1. Good reflection and interesting to read about an industry that is driven by experiences! Definitely puts the the focus on the employees understanding of the customer. But I wonder, how radical are the ideas that are created/selected?

    • Actually, the process which takes place from the idea generation stage to refinement, decision making and implementation should be very radical. This is because, when one is taking part in a highly competitive market, time sensitivity is at its pick and radical decision making ability with regard to new ideas which are also radical; intended to put the company one step ahead is crucial to win the competitors in the market.

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