How do I work with ideas at Stockholms stad?

February 27, 2019

By Christine Oljelund

How do I work with ideas at Stockholms stad?

At my job I work on different levels with ideas. When it comes to leaders I often work with change management and how to set the arena for the employees to be able to come up with ideas and work in a systematic way with problems. When I work with mixed groups or only employees I try to start with finding out their strengths. What they do really well before starting with their challenges and problems. We also sort the ideas into the ones the group ”own” themselves and the ones that need others for decisions, expertise, resources and so on.

When working with a problem there are a few things I always stress: WHY should we solve this problem? Who benefits, do we have the customer with us in this, do we really know that this is what the customer really wants and needs? Have we asked our customers (pupils, parents, care takers and so on)? Before starting with solutions we need to know the core of the problem. Often I use (parts of) Design Thinking when working with challenges.

Reflection upon the theme ”Generate ideas on how to improve peoples ability to think critically towards all information they instantly are exposed to (to know what information are fake and what are not)”

The process for my own idea generating was about the same as I always do. I talk – I talk a lot and with a lot of different people. Trying to LISTEN (not with the intent to answer, but with the intent to understand – and that is so difficult…). I felt quite comfortable with the topic and didn’t feel the need to learn more before strating the process.

I talked a lot with colleagues, family, friends and some elderly neighbours. The younger generation seems to have an awareness when it comes to critical thinking of information on the Internet, but the older generation seems to be more gullible and lacking in knowledge. The school age children I spoke to all told me that they talk a lot about this with each other, their teachers and in the classroom. One of my neighbours, age 92 and in excellent mental health, was almost afraid to go on the Internet, scared to mistakenly click on something and catch a virus or accidentally buy something. She just turned on her computer to pay her bills and check for e-mails. I find it important not to be afraid, but healthily suspicious – to trust enough – Lita lagom!

2 responses to “How do I work with ideas at Stockholms stad?

  1. Thank you for sharing Christine!

    A few things that I wonder about is
    1) why you start focusing on groups strengths? Do you define the challenge based on what they are good at?

    2) How does your organization manage ideas that are cross-functional (i.e. ideas that need to involve additional resources to be evaluated and developed)?

    Like the “trying to listen to understand” part, that is difficult but I totally agree that it is important!

    • Thank you for your comments!
      1) I have several reasons to start with a groups strengts. Often, the groups I meet can be a bit too hard on themselves. I find it rewarding for the group to lift, visualize and be proud of their strengts. They do not only share a common picutre of their strengts, they come togheter as a group. Some groups are a bit wary or even scared of what we are going to do, and starting with something positive sets the workshop going. When the group starts working with their needs, problems and challenges they know with what they can start and with what they need to get help.
      2) There is where I come in! The Idea Hub helps to set the arena for cross-functional challenges. Offers help to gather the ”right” persons to work with the challenge. Assists with process support. And help to adress questions to the right level for decisions, help with finding fundings and so on.

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