A good hue

March 13, 2019

By Krista Ashmen

The idea generation challenge was a lot of fun to think about. I have had kitchen conversations with my husband on the topic prior to the challenge so I felt I had gotten a clear enough picture of the need. I am intrinsically motivated to solve societal issues.  Instead of putting a lot of creative thought into it right away, I just made a mental note and had it “on the back burner” for the past few weeks. Although it was suggested to read about it or ask colleagues, I sensed that would put a damper on my own creative process. When the topic arouse in discussions, I made a point to ask questions and observe a bit extra. Otherwise, I did not do research or try to get ideas from elsewhere. When I had the idea, it came to me naturally and not summoned. I knew that putting the idea into words would be a challenge. It was very artistic and… colorful to say the least.


Having the specified challenge did not affect my creativity negatively. I am taking this course for enjoyment and I have been invigorated while learning about innovation and how others work with ideas and creativity. I don’t have pressure to get a grade or fulfill a class requirement which I feel puts me in the maximum capacity of creativity. Teresa Amabile’s clarification of motivation and positive efforts was insightful. In light of that, I had a week of positive progression at work, good feedback and affirmative futuristic planning. So according to her, I was in a good place for creative thinking. And I feel good about my idea. It is unique, artistic and has the opportunity to meet a very real need with user ease. It just may not be realistic in the near future.