On my experience from our Idea Generation assignment…

March 14, 2019

By Magnus Jonasson

The theme quite quickly slid into some kind of semi automatic “crowd-fuelled” verification system in order to direct the reader – not to deliver a wrong/right answer. Yes my background came to influence the idea generated. Definitely. From earlier anti-corruption studies I have worked quite a bit with the “Corruption Perception Index” measuring not the “actual” level of corruption in a country, but instead the “perceived level/presence” of corruption. As corruption per definition is a shadowy activity, not measurable.

In this case as well the answer is “hidden”. We can’t easily label everything being objectively right/wrong. But we can let “crowd-sourcing” indicate the perceived correctness, pointing journalists/critics/other concerned in the right direction. Making them alert and aware.

Inspiration also came obviously from my not more than one year experience as a Twitter user, where I chose to follow the political debates before the swedish elections in that specific platform. Trying to separate that debate out from other everyday social media interactions of mine.

The somehow specified challenge actually boosted my creativity. That became obviously as I first tried to come up with an idea “whatever”. But once I realised there was a theme to it, ideas surged much faster. The limitation of scope seemed to help in my case.

Fun also to read the other participants ideas afterwards – seeing the entire collection of ideas that automatically become relevant for rethinking and boosting my own, developing it further! That became very clear when scanning them through!