April 10, 2019

By Krista Ashmen

Refinement. I absolutely love this word. It is the struggle between reality and dreams. I love the dilemma and the space to work creatively. Refining my idea about imposing a color scheme over all content on the Internet is large, all encompassing and incomprehensibly impossible. I absolutely love working on what others consider impossible.


I recently attended a lecture offered by Hofstede Insights and felt this could be a good start to help bring the concept towards the concrete. Although I am not convinced this is the model or company to do the job, it certainly offers the concrete evaluation of cultural differences that I am looking for. I would be interested to reassess and/or find other international organizations that offer the same service. I realize I need to learn a bit about research and development before I can make a solid decision on which company/system to move forward with.


I find that while I have been working on this project, my other work processes have been affected for the positive. I have recently been tasked to manage 30+ international teachers to offer space for creativity and to raise professionalism across the board. I had to generate ideas how to reach the goals assigned to the group. I have been able to implement my idea for the past month and have now reached a place where I can start to ask for idea refinements from the teachers I am working with. It is very exciting to be part of the process and learn how to encourage others to reach for their goals.

One response to “Refinement

  1. Making unreal real, very nice way of putting it! I think that a lot is about the ability to make sense of the ideas, having the knowledge of the organisation and implementation processes, struggling between being creative and following the rules. If given time for that it is probably one of the most stimulating, challenging and human activities one could do, but it is awesome to read that you also share those experiences in practice.

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