Idea refinement

April 11, 2019

By semadea

The idea refinement stage of ideation is a process of further developing and refining the idea generated so that it can easily be understood and be ready for the next step. The idea refinement process might involve people with different knowledge and competence which; on one hand, this can be seen as helpful; as the generated idea will be scrutinized from different angles so as to clearly understand the problems and solution in such a way that the assessment and implementation of the final idea will be handy. But on the other hand, involving too many people in the refinement process might also bring a challenge to squeeze up the different views into one manageable phase to move forward to the next step. These factors imply that, companies need to pay much attention to make the refinement process be directed in a way that the company will be able to attain the desired result without exerting much resources.

The refinement process that I conducted, with regard to the ideas generated in this module; was more focused on the functionality and usefulness of the idea. As the refinement stage is more aimed at further developing the idea to move forward to the assessment stage, I focused to a great deal to the realization of the ideas generated, how they can be implemented and what benefit the society will benefit from the realization of the ideas; so that, a more detailed description can be obtained and the previously generated idea gets more clearer and get ready for further scrutiny and better decision making and then to assessment.

Knowledge and competence are considered among the major key factors during refinement process. In order to realize the ideas generated; and make them real and applicable to mitigate the problems and indicate possible solutions, I further gave much emphasis on the partake of the big giants in the social media to pull together their knowledge, expertise and necessary resources mainly time and financial resources, to refine ideas so that the ideas generated will be fine tuned for a better decision making.

The proposed ideas were refined to the point that what type of knowledge and experience we need especially among the concerned parties like Government and big local and international organizations to engage in the idea refinement process so that we will attain the intended result when the refinement process is completed.

The idea refinement process was much helpful step for me and was more crucial in making the transition of the proposed idea in to more realistic and getting it ready for assessment.