Idea Screening

May 5, 2019

By Sara Hägle

Idea screening is an act of intuition and analyzation, both system 1 and system 2. You use your experiences at the same time as you put up criteria to screen and assess ideas. Only using criteria can probably not be done exept your intuition. My experience is that one way of screening ideas is to rank them from different criterias or different views, e g from different interests or different costumers. Then you can come up with the best ranked idea from many perspektives. You might not get the no 1 idea from any of the perspektives, but the best from a variety of perspektives.

One response to “Idea Screening

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    The approach you mention sounds like the “Lexicographic approach” according to Baker and Albaum (1986), In which the different criteria used are ranked according to their perceived importance.

    Do you see any risk with not getting one “best” idea but several once?

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