Assessing ideas

May 6, 2019

By Inesa Stockunaite

I found the assignment of assessing the ideas quite interesting and easy as the criteria were already provided. Nevertheless, we had all criteria available, I had to use my intuitive and critical thinking to be able to give a grade on each of them. This to be said, I think intuition and rational decision making approaches are related and very often people use a combination of both when assessing ideas. I think it is possible to use only intuition without a rational approach, but a rational approach is most often related to intuition as you need to “do a best guess” in order to give a grade.

My working experience shows that some people trust on their intuition much more than others and this can be applied not only for assessing ideas, but also making decisions in general. I think it is a valuable skill to dare to use your intuition in professional life. My experience also shows that it is often higher and top managers using intuition as they can put “a helicopter perspective” on new ideas and also have broader and longer professional experience.

One response to “Assessing ideas

  1. Glad to hear that you find the “hands-on” assessment handy!

    Also interesting reflection about wether or not we are objective or subjective when it comes to assess ideas rationally.

    What do you think make some people more willing to trust their intuition than others?

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