Idea Refinement

May 6, 2019

By jpang005

My experience in Idea refinement is reading through all the ideas submitted in the course blog on idea refinement and read the literature articles on how to refine the ideas. I have gotten many good instights into what idea refine is and what it is used for in a company.

Idea refinement is a concept used in the organization to improve ideas from previous generated ideas. It is used to edit the previous ideas, refine the different elements and make the ideas better. In the company, many ideas is needed to be refined, such as in project work in order to build on new ideas and make the ideas become better and the processes from the ideas to develop further. Idea refinement is needed from taking ideas rom the colleagues and managers to generate ideas and improve the previous ideas.

Idea refinement is an important step in development of ideas in the company. Ideas need to be refined and edited to become even better. For the company to generate new ideas, previous ideas need to be improved.