Idea screening

May 6, 2019

By jpang005

Idea Screening is a tool, which used to assess all the ideas being generated in an organization. There are new ideas being generated every day, both from our colleagues and from the people around us. In order, to choose the ideas which best suits us and our Company, we must screen the ideas being generated. This is a way to choose the ideas which is most suitable for us to develop and process further in the organization. There are two ways of making decision. System 1 is the hollistic approach. It is known as the intuitive way. It is the quick and effortless way. System 2 is the rational way of making decision. It is the slow decision-making system.

In an organization, idea screening can be used as a Group activity, where several colleagues work together to find the ideas which are most suitable for the Company. The challenge is that what you Think is a good idea, might to be good for the users and customers, as you will find in the end after idea screening. When we screen ideas, we basically form decisions. Therefore, it is an important tool for use to assess the ideas being generated

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