Krista Ashmen

Krista Ashmen

Krista Ashmen

Nationality: American/Swedish

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Not for sale

Posted: May 08, 2019 | By: Krista Ashmen - 0 comments

In reading about the quick and slow ways of assessing ideas, I realize how much I depend on my “gut feeling”. It was quite unsettling. When I went through and assessed the ideas in the idea generator, I certainly had my favorites and even some gag reflex when reading others. I remembered reading Chesbrough and […]

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Posted: Apr 10, 2019 | By: Krista Ashmen - 1 comment

Refinement. I absolutely love this word. It is the struggle between reality and dreams. I love the dilemma and the space to work creatively. Refining my idea about imposing a color scheme over all content on the Internet is large, all encompassing and incomprehensibly impossible. I absolutely love working on what others consider impossible.   […]

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A good hue

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 | By: Krista Ashmen - 0 comments

The idea generation challenge was a lot of fun to think about. I have had kitchen conversations with my husband on the topic prior to the challenge so I felt I had gotten a clear enough picture of the need. I am intrinsically motivated to solve societal issues.  Instead of putting a lot of creative […]

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Innovation to the school system

Posted: Feb 12, 2019 | By: Krista Ashmen - 5 comments

I believe the biggest challenge facing society in the next five years is the need to bring innovation and change to the school system. I am more interested in the mission and purpose of teaching truth than the financial gain/loss. I identify as an innovation missionary as described by Chesbrough. I would like to create […]

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The challenge is formulated as follows, “Generate ideas on how to improve peoples ability to think critically towards all information they instantly are exposed to (to know what information are fake and what are not)”. The challenge is linked to the ongoing debate about how e.g. social media, artificial intelligence and political discourse etc. might affect our ability to master the constant inflow of new opinions and thoughts we are facing on a daily basis.

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