Magnus Jonasson


Magnus Jonasson


Company: Sparbanken Tanum

Nationality: Swedish

Why are you taking this course?

I am in retail banking, a business very much in transformation at the moment where ideas and rapid innovation is now defining the market.

What is your understanding of idea management?

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On my experience from our Idea Generation assignment…

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: Magnus Jonasson - 0 comments

The theme quite quickly slid into some kind of semi automatic “crowd-fuelled” verification system in order to direct the reader – not to deliver a wrong/right answer. Yes my background came to influence the idea generated. Definitely. From earlier anti-corruption studies I have worked quite a bit with the “Corruption Perception Index” measuring not the […]

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The awakening interest of “the (quickly implemented) idea”

Posted: Feb 12, 2019 | By: Magnus Jonasson - 2 comments

Working in retail banking managing feedback from customers has been a quite obvious part of making our services and products better. However, even though I have only been in retail banking for a decade now, in that short time I have noticed a considerably escalating organizational attention not only to pick up the feedback from […]

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The challenge is formulated as follows, “Generate ideas on how to improve peoples ability to think critically towards all information they instantly are exposed to (to know what information are fake and what are not)”. The challenge is linked to the ongoing debate about how e.g. social media, artificial intelligence and political discourse etc. might affect our ability to master the constant inflow of new opinions and thoughts we are facing on a daily basis.

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