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Nationality: Swedish

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Idea Assessment

Posted: May 09, 2019 | By: Patrik Nilsson - 0 comments

When an idea has been shaped and molded, the idea needs to be screened before it is implemented. This screening, or idea assessment, can be carried out in many ways. In some industries, these assessments are made through rigorous processes and evaluation criteria. Such evaluation processes may include criteria such as return on investment, profitability, […]

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Idea Refinement

Posted: Apr 11, 2019 | By: Patrik Nilsson - 1 comment

Once an idea has been generated, the idea needs to be molded before it is assessed and implemented. Idea refinement can be carried out in many different ways. For this module, I found the article by Sukhov (2016) particularly beneficial. By breaking the idea into different elements, the innovators can refine each of the elements […]

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Problem Generation

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: Patrik Nilsson - 0 comments

In the case of idea generation, I do not believe there is one method that fits all ideas. While reviewing the material provided in this course, I have come to believe that the generation of an idea starts with a problem. Hence, I practically refer to this module as “problem generation” rather than “idea generation”. […]

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Idea Management in the Restaurant Industry

Posted: Feb 14, 2019 | By: Patrik Nilsson - 2 comments

This blog post describes how an establishment in the restaurant industry, particularly a wine and coffee bar, works with idea management. The aforementioned wine and coffee bar is located in Amsterdam and was founded in December 2016. I am no longer an employee of said bar. The initial ideas are generated by the owner and […]

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The challenge is formulated as follows, “Generate ideas on how to improve peoples ability to think critically towards all information they instantly are exposed to (to know what information are fake and what are not)”. The challenge is linked to the ongoing debate about how e.g. social media, artificial intelligence and political discourse etc. might affect our ability to master the constant inflow of new opinions and thoughts we are facing on a daily basis.

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