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Idea Screening

Posted: May 05, 2019 | By: Sara Hägle - 1 comment

Idea screening is an act of intuition and analyzation, both system 1 and system 2. You use your experiences at the same time as you put up criteria to screen and assess ideas. Only using criteria can probably not be done exept your intuition. My experience is that one way of screening ideas is to […]

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Module 3 Idea refinement

Posted: Apr 28, 2019 | By: Sara Hägle - 0 comments

The process of setting an idea can be fun,  easy and a creative experience. Refining the idea can be the opposite. That is my experience. Often when an idea is set you need a diversity of people to refine the idea. That can lead to slow down the process, because the image of the idea […]

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Module 2 How to generate ideas

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 | By: Sara Hägle - 2 comments

My main thought is how do I/we understand the mission? How do we get the same picture of the case? How can we make our thoughts visible for eachother for our collective understanding? What factors are involved in the process of understanding the mission? How do we put ourselves into another persons perspective? These are […]

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Factors affecting idea development

Posted: Feb 11, 2019 | By: Sara Hägle - 2 comments

I’ve been working in school for over 20 years. School is a place to create ideas all day, you’re always coaching students to come up with new ideas on their own or in group. Or to develop new ways to refine ideas that have been set. I’ve been working as a teacher, as a principal […]

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The challenge is formulated as follows, “Generate ideas on how to improve peoples ability to think critically towards all information they instantly are exposed to (to know what information are fake and what are not)”. The challenge is linked to the ongoing debate about how e.g. social media, artificial intelligence and political discourse etc. might affect our ability to master the constant inflow of new opinions and thoughts we are facing on a daily basis.

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