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Posted: Apr 10, 2019 | By: Krista Ashmen - 1 comment

Refinement. I absolutely love this word. It is the struggle between reality and dreams. I love the dilemma and the space to work creatively. Refining my idea about imposing a color scheme over all content on the Internet is large, all encompassing and incomprehensibly impossible. I absolutely love working on what others consider impossible.   […]

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Module 3 Experiences from refining ideas

Posted: Apr 10, 2019 | By: Tove Löfgren - 0 comments

Min erfarenhet är att det inte är någon brist på idéer internt. Utmaningen är snarare att prioritera, utveckla och se till att idéerna genomförs, att gå från idé till att faktiskt genomförande. I verkligheten är de absolut flesta idéer som förfinas och genomförs inte organiserade som ett strikt idéutvecklingsprojekt. Det handlar snarare om att göra […]

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Experience in refining ideas

Posted: Apr 09, 2019 | By: Inesa Stockunaite - 1 comment

I have to admit my professional experience with idea refinement is very limited. In my previous and current companies we did not do a systematic idea refinement. While previously working as a brand manager in food industry I was responsible for idea generation and refinement within my supervised category, but the job was carried out […]

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Modul 3 – Idea Refinement

Posted: Apr 07, 2019 | By: jamesbala - 1 comment

In my experience idea refinement is crucial process for a company to keep its competitive advantage. It is important for a company to stay innovative and generate new ideas but it must be done in a way that ultimately reduces company costs and/or increases costumer satisfaction.   When we are working with idea refinement in […]

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Modul 3 – Idea Refinement

Posted: Apr 07, 2019 | By: valebala100 - 2 comments

Form previous experience, working with idea refinement is both tough but can at the same time be very rewarding. In our firm we have a very open communication with our staff as well as our customers. My way of looking on it is that if our clients are invited to contribute to idea generation, myself […]

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Reflecting on the idea refinement assignment

Posted: Apr 06, 2019 | By: Sara W - 3 comments

I truly enjoyed this exercise, since it made me reflect about the idea refining process in detail. It gave new insights on how ideas are generated and refined in groups, the importance of different perspectives within the group and how vital it is to communicate the idea in a structured and informative manner. My approach […]

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Idea refinement – an example

Posted: Apr 03, 2019 | By: Christine Oljelund - 2 comments

My example about idea refinement comes from a problem I have been working with in my job. A group of employees came to me to solve a problem. First we worked with the actual problem and described it before asking co-workers to help solving it. The problem was described at a web-page where employees can […]

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TIPS! Region Uppsala

Posted: Mar 23, 2019 | By: Cat Halthur - 0 comments

Region Uppsala “Vi har det viktiga uppdraget att hjälpa hälso- och sjukvården i regionen att omvandla nya idéer och nya lösningar till verklighet i syfte att förbättra vården för patienter, personal och närstående. Vill du fylla den tomma stolen som projektledare är du välkommen med din ansökan senast den 7 april: ”

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Module 2 second assignment experience regarding generating ideas

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: thelspguy - 2 comments

I find working with generating ideas work really well when you have some kind of framework as a starting point for the creative process. We have used a variety of techniques on generating ideas such as SCAMPER that stands for: Substitute. Combine. Adapt. Modify. Put to another use. Eliminate. Reverse. We have put this method […]

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Previous experience in idea generation

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: Cat Halthur - 1 comment

Previous experience from generating ideas in organisation: I have worked mainly in organisations where ideas are expected to pop up naturally, and be generally discussed under ”miscellaneous” on the agenda of formal meetings, or simply raised during informal meetings, such as during lunch, or appraisal talks. However, I have taken part of formal idea generation […]

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Experience in Ideas’ Generation

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: natalia2019 - 0 comments

Experience in Ideas’ generation. I was lucky to work in sales for different service providers during the biggest part of my life, and abased on my experience being a sales person is one of the most flexible in ideas generating positions, I have ever occupied. In most cases the sales people are driving the business […]

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Problem Generation

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: Patrik Nilsson - 0 comments

In the case of idea generation, I do not believe there is one method that fits all ideas. While reviewing the material provided in this course, I have come to believe that the generation of an idea starts with a problem. Hence, I practically refer to this module as “problem generation” rather than “idea generation”. […]

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On my experience from our Idea Generation assignment…

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 | By: Magnus Jonasson - 0 comments

The theme quite quickly slid into some kind of semi automatic “crowd-fuelled” verification system in order to direct the reader – not to deliver a wrong/right answer. Yes my background came to influence the idea generated. Definitely. From earlier anti-corruption studies I have worked quite a bit with the “Corruption Perception Index” measuring not the […]

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A good hue

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 | By: Krista Ashmen - 0 comments

The idea generation challenge was a lot of fun to think about. I have had kitchen conversations with my husband on the topic prior to the challenge so I felt I had gotten a clear enough picture of the need. I am intrinsically motivated to solve societal issues.  Instead of putting a lot of creative […]

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Module 2 Idea Generation

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 | By: Hayley McLaughlin - 0 comments

In a customer-facing role whereby daily discussions with users regarding new ideas, enhancement wishes & general feedback are always initiated, it has been difficult & at times demotivating working in company where moving these ideas into a service or product has often become a test of endurance. Nonetheless, what is most motivational & inspirational is […]

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