Idea Description

I think it would be impossible to educate every individual to critical thinking. It also put a philosophic question of what is really true information, is there such a thing?

We will need help from higher intelligence; the artificial intelligence. My idea is that an AI will estimate how plausible is this statement. All news will get a green, yellow or red indication which suggest how trustworthy the information is.

Realizing the Idea

Well, the critical issues is to train the AI and to have an trustworthy owner. When it comes to ownership it can not be one of the “gafam” companies. It probably can not be a single company at all. Either it´s a joint ownership or it should be a government issue. The other crucial issue is to train the AI to be able to review and rank the information. The key to this idea is the trustworthy owner of the service. I guess the BBC would be a suitable owner of such a service.

If a reader feels that information has falsely received a “green light”, he/she should be able to get the AI to re-assess the trustworthyness of the information.

Need Fulfillment

It fulfill the needs of an objective part. When the human fall short of being able to accomplish objectivity we need something which is is above our human shortcomings. We, as user, get an easy and indication of what to believe and not.


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