Awareness creation

Idea Description

Responsible bodies of a country; specially Government and those who have the resources should work their way in "awareness creation" among their societies. Why because, nowadays as there are vast information released especially through social medias and it is becoming so hard or almost impossible to scrutinize which information is true and intended to be informative; and which are false just posted to scare people, to divert beliefs and to just create uncertainties; especially for the majority of the people who are average in their knowledge and understanding. so, the awareness creation is educating, and exposing society about the different intentions of those who are releasing information through the internet; so that people start to think critically when coming across with any information before making any unwanted decision for false information.

Realizing the Idea

Government medias should be used. government agencies and universities can also play an important role in dispersing the awareness creation to realize the idea. Responsible bodies of Countries around the world need to sit in a round table to have a discussion; first; on how to allocate sufficient resources to mitigate the situation and second; on how to educate society on being critical on news especially the ones on social medias. The implementation and realization of the idea is very important and even necessary to a great extent; as the negative consequences of society being disguised by false and unverified information on social medias is elevating from time to time.

Need Fulfillment

The need for this idea is to save people from making bad decisions on false information


The idea is unique in a sense that it will tackle the problem directly and create a solution which is making people critical thinkers when it comes to identifying true or false information. Cause as we have learned, Value in idea is created when the solution meets the problem.

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