Bits and pieces of critical thinking

Idea Description

To improve peoples ability to think critically about fake information they need to understand the factors involved in making fake information, and to get the tools how to take on and be in charge of critical thinking. In this case people is students from 13 years of age to adults.

Realizing the Idea

The resources needed are a bunch of people, a leader and tools to dokument the task.

Need Fulfillment

The need fulfilled is of intellectual nature, that people need to navigate in a more dense flow of information and that the democratic society is dependent on people that is able to make good decisions and to face and identify evil intensions to make a good society.


The idea is unique because it starts in a profounding way, by defineing the keywords related to fake news. The idea doesn't take for granted that the participants have the knowledge in advance. The idea has an intellectual elasticity.

  • (10 = very good idea and 0 = very poor idea)

  • How unusual, unique, and fresh ideas to the estimated service/product/process can be considered (10 = very unique idea and 0 = not unique at all).

  • How valuable the idea would be for the user when implemented (10 = high user value, 0 = very low user-value)

  • How esay wold it be to implement the idea (10 = very easy to implement, 0 = very difficult to implement).

  • Business potential of the implemented idea, this include increasing revenues and/or cost saving (10 = very high business potential, 0 = very low bussiness potential).