Critical Score

Idea Description

My idea is to create an online-platform where the user can access a variety of topics. The main goal with page is to inform the user what scientific studies/statistical data can be correlated with the specified topic. A brief summary of each article/data will be summarized for a quick and handy overview. In contrast to science/original articles there will also be room for current news information and quotes from leaders around the world regarding the topic. These will be analyzed both automatically and manually to check if the statistics are true or false but also search the information for subjective words and personal values (highlighted in red). Thus giving the reader the opportunity to review multiple scientific sources in combination with subjective, non-evidence based information. Every media article/ political information will then be given a “critical score” based on a number of transparent criteria’s. The most important one being accuracy linked to current, accepted, scientific studies/data.

The user is then free to draw their own conclusions.

Why not implementing the “wiki” idea of establishing “truth”? Every article (or information) on wiki can be reviewed/changed/improved by a reader if that person thinks that all parts of the information is not true and/or correct. One way could be that a post cannot been seen until at least 10 people have read or reviewed the post.

Realizing the Idea

In order to realize the idea an automated program must be created to scan for subjective words and values. In addition the page will allow its registered users to send in accepted scientific articles for the company to review and add to the topic. Most scientific articles have a summary and this will be used. If this information is hard to understand for the broader user the page will ask for a brief summary of the findings from the author. To be able to give the critical rating certain established and transparent rules must be clearly outlined. This shows the user how the rating is calculated. This is a must to create legitimacy.

Maybe a “google” translate window function could work. You just cut and paste the post into a program that checks the internet for accuracy and relevance. For example has this picture appeared somewhere else before? Have these names been used or posted before? This would give the reader a quick tool to see if the information is relevant and true (to some degree).

Need Fulfillment

The idea fulfill the human desire to come as close to the truth as possible – with the starting point from established scientific studies and empirical data.

The Critical score is there for anyone having second doubts about the information they just heard about. But also for the people who have been thinking about certain information for a longer time, which does not seem to add up.


The easy access to multiple sources, both scientific information/data and current news/social media and political discourse.

The critical rating – to examine if the news/social media /political discourse information is accurate in comparison to the original articles.

  • (10 = very good idea and 0 = very poor idea)

  • How unusual, unique, and fresh ideas to the estimated service/product/process can be considered (10 = very unique idea and 0 = not unique at all).

  • How valuable the idea would be for the user when implemented (10 = high user value, 0 = very low user-value)

  • How esay wold it be to implement the idea (10 = very easy to implement, 0 = very difficult to implement).

  • Business potential of the implemented idea, this include increasing revenues and/or cost saving (10 = very high business potential, 0 = very low bussiness potential).