Daily fake news alerter

Idea Description

The idea is based around an app that provides three daily updates to challenge and make the user aware of the risks for fake news. The app gathers the three worst fake news of the day and alerts the user about them. There will also be additional content in the app where the users can send in daily fake news that will be aggregated on the platform. Further there will be some gamified offerings with a daily fake news quizz where the user can try their awareness of fake or true news etc.

One might also add a daily/weekly quiz asking the users about true facts, and checking their knowledge on different topics – and in the same time teaching them about frequent misconceptions/lies.

Realizing the Idea

App development competence along with a dedicated team that works with spotting daily fake news in social media etc. Also gamification competence along with business development and sales skills.

To make users aware of the app and its benefits, it also needs a PR-/marketing plan. Maybe there is a possibility to partner with media houses and/or social media providers, since they also would benefit from this app. Maybe even the media houses can be partners in spotting fake news, this would also bring credibility to the project?

Maybe Gapminder and Flash news kan complement the fake news with real and positive news.

Need Fulfillment

The need of understanding if news are fake or not in order to make sure that we continuously keep our minds aware about how easy it is to be affected by information or news that are not reliable, true or correct. With easy access and in a playful manner you ensure that people become aware of the risks with fake news and hidden political agendas.


I have not seen such a solution yet on the market combining a serious approach with gamification and playful aspects in order to leverage the usability.

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