Gaming to get better at judging relaibility

Idea Description

To improve peoples’ ability to think critically towards information one could create gaming situations around false and true information. One example where the participant is to judge the reliability of a scientifically published study can be found here:

Realizing the Idea

Whoever could do a test or a game, but it would of course take some time to do. The most obvious would be if organisations working with information, e.g. media houses and communication departments would spend some time on designing these sort of tests.
What if the quizes could carry also some sort of credibility score? Otherwise they could also be used as a form of propaganda?

Need Fulfillment

The idea incentives people to practice their own skill to differentiate between false and true news. It has been demonstrated that skills learned during tests stick better than just reading about a topic. Such a test/game could be used both in media training as be offered as "public service".


The idea as such is not unique, but there has not to my knowledge been any organised attempts to reach a larger audience with this sort of practice.

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