Intelligent glasses

Idea Description

Intelligent glasses that inform/warn the person-reader about the possibility of fake information. It finds the source and gives any additional information that the person might request. It talks to the person wearing the glasses and is a personal tool of artificial intelligence.

Refinement: Plugin will also be available so that only you will hear what the AI says. Furthermore it will be possible for the user to connect the glasses to an app so that you can type your questions to the intelligent glasses instead of talking to them.

Realizing the Idea

This idea would need a full technical development.

Refinement: To make sure that the information provided by the intelligent glasses is scientifically correct the AI will need to scan the web and compare scientific studies. Thus the Intelligent glasses will need to have constant internet connection to always be factual up to date. A partnership with (for example google) to connect the glasses to google search engine would be optimal.

Refinement: This idea seems targeted towards people who are already quite aware of fake information. Most people who share fake information are not the tech savvy ones that would purchase glasses with artificial intelligence. How could we use this idea to target the less critically aware individuals? Marketing?

Need Fulfillment

The intelligent glasses would help the person on daily basis. Besides filtering the information, the person is exposed to on a daily basis and giving a warning on possibly fake information, the intelligent glasses also serve as a personal assistant providing any information the person requests.

Refinement: With being “connected online” constantly in today's society as well as being exposed to all kind of information the intelligent glasses truly serves its purpose by making sure we always have the correct information at hand,


To my knowledge there is no such thing right now in the market.

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