Lita lagom – (trust enough)

Idea Description

A campaign to raise awareness about information on the Internet to all groups older than school children.

Realizing the Idea

DIGG, Sweden's new agency for Digital Government, have got the means and mission to teach the Swedish population about awareness on the Internet.

Need Fulfillment

For citizens in Sweden older than school age there is a risk to be influenced with fake facts, gullible when it comes to purchases, gambling, winning lotteries and so on. In school the pupils are educated in this, but when it comes to everyone older than 20 we need to raise awareness. Not only to protect the individual persons means, but for democracy so each and everyone can have a healthy distrust in adverts, news and so called facts. If it sounds too good to be true – it often is, but if it just sounds a bit spectacular… It is too easy to fall for populist propaganda. We need not be afraid – but educated to mistrust enough!


Not really unique, inspired by the campaign ”En svensk tiger” during the second world war. Tiger has a dual meaning in Swedish; a Swede must both be brave as a tiger and also hold your tongue (not to give information away to enemies, not even by mistake). Maybe unique in the way that I don’t think another nation has done a campaign like this.

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