Notification Icon

Idea Description

At each and every post on social media there is a notification icon presenting the status of the information – reliable or possibly fake. The reliable information has an actual link to an official media source and possibly fake has no such link. The reader is notified about the possibility of fake article.

Refinement: I think that credibility of the media is infinitely more complex than the binary reliable or fake. One proposal is perhaps to integrate a degree of reliability the content have.

Realizing the Idea

Extensive programming in social media channels.

Or could the verifying be a kind of Wiki service?

Refinement: Very similar to another idea proposed, the wiki solution creates user-generated reliability scores. This truly reduces the amount of work one single company for instance has to contribute. On the technical aspects, the idea is rather easy for the social media giants to program and implement – a bigger task instead lies within convincing them of the idea of a notification icon.

Need Fulfillment

Easy for any reader to get an instant understanding of actual news and articles as well as possibly fake news.


No such tool exists now

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