Idea Description

My Idea is to create a web-site/software that automatically analyses the origin of the source by copy/pasting the link as well as giving information to the user about the inclination of the origin of the text and the funding behind it. If it is a political statement, the software can then bring up the other political views on the topic.

Realizing the Idea

The software will have to be created so that every detail of the origin is exposed to the viewer, hence it will have to be programed in such a way that is can analyses every source “by reading the web-pages” and publishers. First and for most people to develop the software are needed, programmers and engineers. Secondly databases are required to store the information from the web unless its all done in the “cloud”. From my experience there are many competent students studying programing and engineering that experience in developing these types of software. Of course, funding in means of salaries and equipment will be needed, my first thought is by advertising on the webpage, however this might not be a good idea since users will not apricate us giving them massive popups of ads. Another idea of funding is by donations like the way Wikipedia is operates. This is also sensitive since the people who donate might want to influence what is shown.

Need Fulfillment

The idea serves a purpose for all students and the public in general that want to be able to know where the origin of sources come from. To be able to compare and contrast is a fundamental stone in every human’s education.


The uniqueness comes from being able to copy paste a link into the in the web-page and in this way the user gets all information they need within seconds to determine weather the source is reliable or if it is written out of context or even “fake news” for that matter.

  • (10 = very good idea and 0 = very poor idea)

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