Outlaw the “fake”

Idea Description

Make fake news illegal. Revoke the publishing licence (or have substantial fees based on the severity of misleading information).

The impact that misleading information and opinionated press has, have lead to political frictions, riots and real social changes exploiting the unawareness of people on important issues.

It could even be seen as a crime that where actors intentionally exploit the democratic system and popular vote.

Realizing the Idea

By defining what qualifies as misleading information and setting up a professional committee reviewing the press, and allowing reports/suspicions about articles, this agency could discredit the news outlet (after the fake news have been published).

All form of opinionated news preferencing one political perspective without providing an alternative could risk being in this category. News channels should focus on providing information/reporting rather than judging and giving a pre-made opinion.

A neutral form of updating the nation should hence be developed. Perhaps even an international standard for information should be done. In this information technology era, the world already become one and any information released on one end of the globe will find its audience on the other part of the globe with in seconds, this is the danger of fake news. So, an international organ which will work responsibly for the benefit of society around the world should be created so as to realize this idea of mitigating fake news.

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