Idea Description

Any written text should be written in the Pro and Con style. This would force the critic to actually search and collect information about the subject from someone else's point of view. This would broaden the authors knowledge about the subject as well as be more open and have a deeper understanding of the subject.

Realizing the Idea

Education, training from the school and media world.

Need Fulfillment

Quick and dirty tabloid news would soon be reduced.


A suddenly rise in quality of the written world.

  • (10 = very good idea and 0 = very poor idea)

  • How unusual, unique, and fresh ideas to the estimated service/product/process can be considered (10 = very unique idea and 0 = not unique at all).

  • How valuable the idea would be for the user when implemented (10 = high user value, 0 = very low user-value)

  • How esay wold it be to implement the idea (10 = very easy to implement, 0 = very difficult to implement).

  • Business potential of the implemented idea, this include increasing revenues and/or cost saving (10 = very high business potential, 0 = very low bussiness potential).