To start from schools

Idea Description

Truly speaking it is not my idea, but I want to share it as I was really impressed by it. When my kids start to go to school last year I have noticed an instruction on the wall of the classroom of how to be critical to the information they are meeting. It was a small list of questions that are proposed to be asked yourself when you are reading or listening to anything – something like why the author decided to share exactly this message, what can be behind it, who can benefit and etc. So for me it was like a wow effect, it is a really perfect approach to start to learn kids to try to evaluate all the incoming info by just asking several very simple questions…

Refinement: This could be achieved by having a critical information thinking topics at schools. Then all the kids would get awareness that not everything they read and see they can trust and also how to check credibility of information as well as how important is to spread fact-based information.

Refinement: Possibly using guidelines issued by Skolverket for teachers. The following questions would be implemented:
1) Who produced the content and who published the material?

2) Is the source real?

3) What message does the source have? For what purpose has the text been written? (sub-questions here)

4) How credible is the content? Is it possible to find other credible sources that say the same thing?

5) Is the information current?

6) Have other people reviewed and approved the publication?


Realizing the Idea

The problem and its solution needs to be escalated to swedish school governance.

Need Fulfillment


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