Module 3 – Idea Refinement

Module 3 – Idea Refinement

March 18th – April 15th

During the coming four weeks focus is on Idea Refinement. You will both read about theoretical aspects of idea refinement and practically refine ideas (using a platform on the course page) to gain a comprehensive understanding about the area. We encourage you to start reading the different articles that will be discussed at the Webinar (28th of March) and also to start refining the ideas posted on the website.

Literature Webinar

Thursday, March 28 at 12.30-13.30 CET (check your time zone).

The webinar will consist of presentations from the course facilitator followed by questions and discussions regarding the literature in the module. In order to participate, simply click the following link and enter your name. You might be required to install the program Zoom:

Your assignment is to actively participate in the webinar (prepare by reading the assigned literature).

A recording of the webinar  will be uploaded here (uploaded as soon as possible after the Webinar).


Thursday, April 11 at 12.30-13.30 CET (check your time zone).

In order to share your experiences regarding idea refinement we will use a Tweetchat with the course hashtag #im74 (to learn more about tweetchat see this page). Make sure to always include it in your tweets. During the Tweetchat, course coordinators and lecturers will actively engage with you in a discussion about Idea Refinement.

Your assignment is to actively participate in the Tweetchat with the hashtag #im74 (prepare by submitting your ideas and blogpost).

Final (mandatory) assignment in module 3

The final assignment (mandatory for all participants) is both to (1) refine ideas and to (2) write a blog-post.

Refine ideas:

Read through all the ideas that are submitted, if there are ideas that trigger your thoughts or you feel that you can contribute to the idea by clarifying or altering it, please feel free to do so. Make sure to refine at least one idea.

Refine ideas here, and click here to see a “how to refine ideas guide“.

Blog post:

Write a blog post about your experiences from refining ideas (you may reference the videos and articles in the module). You can for example describe how you worked when you refined your ideas during this module, or how your firm/organization works with refinement/development of ideas.

The post should be uploaded before the Tweetchat 11th April (12.30 CET) and contain a maximum 500 words.

Keep in mind that this is an open course and all material is open for anyone to read. Thus, it is perfectly fine to write about your own organization/firm without mentioning the name of it.

Click here to see a guide for “how to submit a blog post on the site”.


Recommended additional reading

Click here to get information about how to find and acquire the articles.



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