Module 5 – Project work

May 13th – June 9th


We recommend you to start reading the literature and the course blog before start writing the report.

Final webinar: June 4 or August 23 (at 12.30 – 14.30 CEST)
This is our final webinar to conclude the course and you should be prepared to shortly (5  minutes) present the preliminary findings of your final report. The idea is that you are able to get some feedback to further enhance your written report. It is recommended to show some slides to enhance your presentation.

Remember to sign up for the mandatory final seminar!
Due to requests from participants we have decided to let everyone chose between two dates for the final seminar. The first date is on June 4 (1230-1430 CEST) and the second date is on August 23 (1230-1430 CEST). If you wish to participate on June 4, you must register no later than May 28 at 23:59 CEST. For August 23, you must register no later than August 16.

Fill in the form here to register for the final seminar (a separate e-mail will be sent with Zoom links needed to participate for the respective sessions).


Your task is to analyze the existing process of managing ideas and propose an improved/optimal idea management process (containing idea generation, refinement, and screening) for your organization (see the template report for more information about the structure).

It is important that you explain the prerequisites of your organization, e.g. is it a private/public, open/closed, internal/external approach to manage ideas for innovation. You may use a fictional organization, but be clear with what type of organization it is and what its goals are so you can motivate your choices for different activities. If you don’t have a real or fictional case, then you may use this course and its platform to suggest improvements.

You must base your argumentation on the course literature, course blogs and discussions with fellow participants, and provide critical reflections, motivating the choice for different methods of idea generation, refinement, and screening.

Think of this exercise as an opportunity to improve the current way of managing ideas by identifying challenges and coming up with potential solutions that you can later put into practice.

The report is expected to be around 2500-3000 words (the uploaded text file on the Canvas learning platform should be either in doc or docx format).

Click here to download the “IM74-report-template” (In it you find more instructions for how to structure your report!)

The purpose of the report is to show your ability to apply and critically discuss theories and concepts that you have learned during the course and linking these towards your own experiences and thoughts about Idea Management. In the report, it is thus important to show that you have read the course literature.

If you need information on how to refer to previous research in a written text you can find information here.


You submit the report is one week after the final seminar thus either June 11 or August 30, depending on your choice of date for the final seminar.

You hand in your report here. In order to do this you need to login with your Student-ID.

  • Note that you must complete all assignments in module 1-4 before submitting your final report!
  • The final assignment will only read and comment by the course facilitators.

Examination criteria

Each report is graded on a 0-20 points scale based on the following criteria:

  1. Reflections and depth of analysis (0-5p)
  2. Findings, solutions, recommendations (0-5p)
  3. Theory use, contextual explanations and issues (0-5p)
  4. Structure and argumentation in the text (0-5p)

The overall grading is based on the following thresholds:

  • Pass (G) = 12 points
  • Pass with distinction (VG) = 16 points