Recordings and Powerpoints #im74

Module 1 (Introduction and theoretical background)

Powerpoint used in the first Webinar (24th January 2019)


Powerpoint used at the literature webinar  (31th January 2019)

Recording of the literature Webinar (31th January 2019)


Module 2 (Idea generation)

Recording of the literature Webinar (January 22 – 2019)

Module 3 (Idea refinement)

Recording of the literature webinar (March 28 – 2019)



Module 4 (Idea assessment)

Due to a technical error, the recording was corrupt, thus we can not upload it to the site. Instead chosen to upload the recording from the webinar from last year since we used the same papers. However, also this recording had some mishaps since the Zoom software did not fully show all the slides used.