About the Course

If idea management is important for you and if you regard it as crucial for your organizational development, then this course is for you. It is designed for professionals from a wide variety of business areas as well as public organizations.

Idea management is an open networked learning course from the Karlstad Business School in conjunction with the Service Research Center – CTF. This course is designed for professionals with an interest in idea management and is available to both for-credit (registered students) and non-credit participants (non-registered students). It features openly available, weekly, interactive video lectures from a variety of CTF researchers, other researchers as well as practitioners.

The level of the course content is on advanced university level based on research and delivered by active researchers. This course will give you a review of idea management practices, and teaches you how to manage the generation, refinement, and assessment of ideas for both product and service innovations. During the course you will learn from recent research, and facilitate idea management activities yourself in a learning-by-doing methodology. After the course you will: 1) know the main theories behind idea management, 2) be able to apply methods for idea generation, idea refinement, and assessment, 3) understand and critically reflect about the pros and cons of various methods, and 4) analyse an organisation’s idea development process and be able to propose areas of improvement.

The course centers around open collaborative and networked learning practices. It makes use of freely available social media tools that do not require extensive technical skills to be mastered and implemented. 

We regard learning as a constructive, collaborative, self-directed and contextual process and believe that using the emerging ideas of networked learning is the way forward for lifelong learning. One major intention in designing the course this way is to develop a community of practice around the course content as well as research at the Service Research Center (CTF).

The course encourages and nurtures rich interaction through a number of open spaces such as our Twitter hashtag (#im74), and our participant blog hub. The open nature of the course and the sharing that it inspires, benefits current and future participants, especially as the goal of the course is to foster and develop long-term, authentic, professional connections.