Tools & platforms of #im74

Here is some information about the different tools and platforms we use in this course.

All information regarding the course is available and will be continuously announced here on our course homepage. It´s built on the open source software wordpress and the canvas theme from Woo themes.

All webinars will be held on the platform Zoom. In order to participate, simply click the following link and enter as a guest, stating your name. You should be required to install a program. All webinars are recorded and made available here on the course homepage. This enables as many course participants as possible to watch and listen to the presentations and discussions, even if they missed the live webinar.

All webinars will be held in:

If you have never used Zoom before, please try to visit the meeting room above before the first webinar.

We use Twitter to socialize and inform each other about the course and related resources. During the course we will also have several Tweetchats. Please follow the course hash #im74 and always include it in your tweets, when tweeting about the course.

If you don´t have a Twitter account get one here.

Twitter For Beginners: Basic Guidelines Before You Start
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Tweetchat infographic by Maria Hedberg
Tweetchat infographic by Maria Hedberg

During some of the modules we will conduct a Tweetchat. A Tweetchat is a community discussion via Twitter using our hashtag #im74, taking place at a specific point of time. We recommend you using Tweetdeck or Tweetchat for that purpose instead of your Twitter app or