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Today’s webinar moved due to illness

Hi there! Unfortunately, we have to change the date for today’s webinar, as Per Echeverri is ill today. We will run the webinar on Tuesday, April 18, at 12:00 CEST instead. Happy Holidays everyone! /Jörg

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Latest Posts


2017-04-21 | Thomas Petyt

Thomas Petyt is an experienced marketer with more than 15 years experience in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance. Thomas has been working for International Organisations, SMB and TSX/NASDAQ quot...

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MOOCs won’t disrupt Higher Education, employers will

2017-04-18 | mark.drechsler

Last week I wrote a post on ‘students as customers’ in the context of a more corporatised, commoditised Higher Education market. It was interesting then to see another post today disc...

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Life at Flinders – two years on

2017-04-13 | mark.drechsler

I started receiving notifications from LinkedIn yesterday congratulating me on my two year anniversary at Flinders University, so I thought I would take a moment to write a short post […]...

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2017-03-26 | lovingcomplaints

I have high expectations on the module of persuasion for two reasons: first of all, this is a subject that is highly interesting to me in general and has been for as long as I can remember. Secondly, ...

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2017-03-20 | uce2017

Hi there, My name is Sofia and I live in Stockholm. I have worked in the media/advertising industry for the last eight years and now I work as a digital business developer at a publisher in Stockholm....

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Expectations module 3, bribe and reciprocation

2017-03-12 | Gunilla Christiansson

During this module I expect to get tools to understand and analyze the influencing strategies before and during a purchase, or - for me - when costumers are using our service. I´m looking forwar...

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Karma is a bitch?

2017-03-09 | Gunilla Christiansson

"When tools are used unethically as weapons of influence, any short-term gain will almost invariably be followed by long-term loss" (Prof Cialdini)This quote by Prof Cialdini makes me remember a dinne...

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Reflections on quality and emotions

2017-03-05 | mariaucl72

After viewing the videos presented by the UCE lecturers and reflecting on the two sides of satisfaction, i.e. perception of quality and emotional reactions, there are quite a few thoughts. The insight...

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“I can’t get no satisfaction”

2017-03-03 | erikvrfrisk

Mick Jagger wrote the iconic song as a reflection on an increasing market oriented world, with marketers promoting their brands promising ” satisfaction” at an ever increasing rate probabl...

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