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All good things come to an end or do they?

With the end of module 5 on customers’ experience rooms, the course comes to an end for the open learners of #uce72, while the officially registered participants finish their project work. To all of you, I would like to say thanks for your participation and contributions in the course through blog posts, comments or participation […]

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Difference in how the project team would be managed in an Agile vs. a traditional project

2018-06-26 | 10aashaju

Agile project leaders lead teams while traditional project managers manage the task. In a traditional project environment, the project manager focus is on managing tasks for the team. The PM duties ar...

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An Interaction between customer and servicescape…

2018-06-01 | mb

Recently I discovered an online shopping application. What this application claims to offer is a convenient way of shopping. It offers a wide range of products from clothing to house decoration. Due t...

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A visit to a funeral agency

2018-05-25 | Anu Majkvist

Due to a recent personal loss, last week I visited a funeral agency. Since this visit for obvious reasons is very much on top of my mind, I will take this opportunity to reflect upon the physical spac...

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Resource integration and servicescapes

2018-05-24 | Anu Majkvist

Resource integration gives a new perspective to how the customer's are affected and co-create value to the product or service. In her tutorial video, assistant professor Maria Åkesson decribes resour...

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Customer’s experience rooms

2018-05-23 | Anu Majkvist

The surroundings in which the customer experiences the purchase of the product or a service is important for all the good reasons: it reflects to the products quality, price, user-friendliness and sty...

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Mod.5 week 4. Reflect upon how you could improve the work of your business.

2018-05-23 | F. Romano

As analyzed in the previous post, I made a very good example of resource integration who simplify people lives and health. In my country, we should take example from Sweden. I understand it would requ...

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The Integration of the Landscape Resources with the Digital Resources From Landscape to Landspace

2018-05-23 | Ahmed Ibrahem

one to key subjects become interested in recently is the application with new Resing Technology of the AI  in the customer experience the I believe there are the new opportunity&nb...

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Reflect upon how you could improve the work of your business/organization regarding customer satisfaction/experience with the help of the concepts or models highlighted in module 5.

2018-05-22 | sannauce72

If we reflect back on the situation with the bus card system for the city where I live, I would be able to make a lot of difference I believe. However, there is always a matter of cost and benefits wh...

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Disconfirmation Disconfirmed

2018-05-19 | CXM – Wow! Really?

A prominent marketing concept posits that a customer’s satisfaction with an experience is based on prior expectations. To the extent that customer expectations differ from experience, confirmati...

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