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Reflect upon how you could improve the work of your business/organization regarding customer satisfaction/experience with the help of the concepts or models highlighted in module 5.

2018-05-22 | sannauce72

If we reflect back on the situation with the bus card system for the city where I live, I would be able to make a lot of difference I believe. However, there is always a matter of cost and benefits wh...

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Disconfirmation Disconfirmed

2018-05-19 | CXM – Wow! Really?

A prominent marketing concept posits that a customer’s satisfaction with an experience is based on prior expectations. To the extent that customer expectations differ from experience, confirmati...

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Reflecting on the module’s videos

2018-05-18 | mb

I would like to comment on the video that talks about the “Physical evidence and the servicescape” by Brian Wilson. I liked the ending phrase of the video “All physical evidence of a...

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Mod. 5 week 3. Identify a situation of interaction between customer and servicescape

2018-05-17 | F. Romano

I will base my examples on the video about “Resource integration”. I have always been attracted to the innovation. Imagine finding yourself in another country and wanting to talk and why n...

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Mod. 5 week 2. Reflect upon one or two videos

2018-05-17 | F. Romano

I will use as example the video about “Customer experiences of resource integration”. I found it very interesting for what it takes to me. I like the way it explains how the customers act ...

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Farewelling my smartwatch – a tale of data value

2018-05-16 | mark.drechsler

I stopped wearing my smartwatch this week. Or, to be more accurate, I stopped wearing the latest smartwatch that I have been wearing. I started off with a Fitbit Charge HR (arguably not a smartwatch, ...

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Identify a situation of interaction between customer and servicescape, which is NOT from your organization.

2018-05-16 | sannauce72

I will relate the concepts to McDonald’s way of working with their servicescapes (showing what is in their menu and paying process). In one of the videos (the first one – ”physical e...

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Module 4 – Customer interactions

2018-05-15 | vadimced

Hello team! It has past a lot of time since my previous post. During that time I’ve changed a work and a country of residence and hope all these excuse me in a some way for the such a late catch...

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What do I expect from customer’s experience rooms module?

2018-05-14 | mb

From the videos and what I have read so far, I would say that what I expect from this module is how the environment in which the encounter between customer and providers takes place, can affect t...

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