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All good things come to an end or do they?

With the end of module 5 on customers’ experience rooms, the course comes to an end for the open learners of #uce72, while the officially registered participants finish their project work. To all of you, I would like to say thanks for your participation and contributions in the course through blog posts, comments or participation […]

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Latest Posts

Libra: The new crypto “social” business

2019-07-25 | Diego Mazo

Photo by Dario Valenzuela on UnsplashIn these days all newspapers and digital blogs are covering the launch of Libra the new cryptocurrency built by Facebook. It was necessary for me to read several ...

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The value of design in the blockchain space

2018-11-28 | Diego Mazo

The blockchain space has been developing exponentially in the last few years. It is definitely a hype in our current world: everyone has…Continue reading on Strategic Design Lab »...

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Hi Engin! I will test your tool within my research in the combination of design thinking and…

2018-11-13 | Diego Mazo

Hi Engin! I will test your tool within my research in the combination of design thinking and blockchain. I will get back to you with feedback. Thanks for sharing and congrats for your work! lets chat ...

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Design strategy: the secret to survive in the transformational era.

2018-09-09 | Diego Mazo

Photo by Dmitri Popov on UnsplashDesign is shaping business as ever before. With the irruption of design thinking as a mainstream methodology in 2000s, companies started to pay attention to design an...

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Difference in how the project team would be managed in an Agile vs. a traditional project

2018-06-26 | 10aashaju

Agile project leaders lead teams while traditional project managers manage the task. In a traditional project environment, the project manager focus is on managing tasks for the team. The PM duties ar...

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An Interaction between customer and servicescape…

2018-06-01 | mb

Recently I discovered an online shopping application. What this application claims to offer is a convenient way of shopping. It offers a wide range of products from clothing to house decoration. Due t...

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A visit to a funeral agency

2018-05-25 | Anu Majkvist

Due to a recent personal loss, last week I visited a funeral agency. Since this visit for obvious reasons is very much on top of my mind, I will take this opportunity to reflect upon the physical spac...

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Resource integration and servicescapes

2018-05-24 | Anu Majkvist

Resource integration gives a new perspective to how the customer's are affected and co-create value to the product or service. In her tutorial video, assistant professor Maria Åkesson decribes resour...

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Customer’s experience rooms

2018-05-23 | Anu Majkvist

The surroundings in which the customer experiences the purchase of the product or a service is important for all the good reasons: it reflects to the products quality, price, user-friendliness and sty...

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