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#uce72 starts today

Thank you for joining our course Understanding Customer Experience (#uce72). The course starts today, 22 January, with two weeks orientation (Module 1) where you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the course design, online learning spaces and make contacts with peers and course facilitators. The #uce72 course homepage has been and will be […]

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Latest Posts

Hello to Understanding Customer Experience course

2018-01-22 | Maffer

I don't know when and I'm not quite sure how, but I suscribed myself to a curse that looks quite interesting. It's a Customer Experience Course (MOOC) from Karlstad Business School. (Sw...

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Consumer Experience – Beyond the Metrics

2018-01-21 | cxbeyondthemetrics

credits to: http://disinfo.com/2015/08/esoteric-symbolism-hidden-meaning-uncovered-matrix-film/...

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How to nail a job interview using ESP

2017-09-08 | mark.drechsler

There are countless job interview sites out there aimed at helping prospective employees put their best foot forward in an interview situation. Most offer quite similar advice: Research the company an...

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Developing leaders – when good enough is actually better

2017-08-31 | mark.drechsler

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about leadership and succession planning lately, particularly in relation to the well-worn Tom Peters adage that: Leaders don’t create more followers, they cr...

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Designing for the Digital Divide

2017-08-03 | mark.drechsler

Today saw the release of the 2017 Australian Digital Inclusion Index, which can be downloaded from the Telstra Sales Portal Digital Inclusion website. The report had some positive, although expec...

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Students as partners – moving beyond the customer concept

2017-06-21 | mark.drechsler

The debate of whether students are or are not ‘customers’ of their University is a well worn one, so it was of great interest to see this report published today via Universities UK which p...

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Ett biblioteks servicescape

2017-05-21 | Gunilla Christiansson

Servicescape, bibliotekInför detta blogginlägg passade jag på att besöka vår stads bibliotek eftersom jag alltid har svårt att hitta där.Miljön är ö...

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Gunillas blogg 2017-05-16 21:16:00

2017-05-16 | Gunilla Christiansson

Since I assume that most participants in the course speek Swedish, I will write in Swedish instead. If I am all wrong - tell me, and I will switch to English again. 😊Videon "Physical Evidence ...

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Module 5 – Customer’s experience rooms (week 2)

2017-05-16 | uce2017

In your blog post for week 2 reflect upon one or two videos presented above and reflect on how the presented concepts relate to your organisation. Working at a swedish publisher with several different...

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