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Warm welcome to webinar 2 of module 5

Hi there! Warm welcome to our second webinar on module 5 today, Wednesday 24 May 12.00 – 13.00 CEST (check your time zone). We meet as always in: connect.sunet.se/uce72/. If you want to participate with audio and video and if you are not certain if Adobe connect works for you, please make sure to visit […]

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Latest Posts

Ett biblioteks servicescape

2017-05-21 | Gunilla Christiansson

Servicescape, bibliotekInför detta blogginlägg passade jag på att besöka vår stads bibliotek eftersom jag alltid har svårt att hitta där.Miljön är ö...

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Gunillas blogg 2017-05-16 21:16:00

2017-05-16 | Gunilla Christiansson

Since I assume that most participants in the course speek Swedish, I will write in Swedish instead. If I am all wrong - tell me, and I will switch to English again. 😊Videon "Physical Evidence ...

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Module 5 – Customer’s experience rooms (week 2)

2017-05-16 | uce2017

In your blog post for week 2 reflect upon one or two videos presented above and reflect on how the presented concepts relate to your organisation. Working at a swedish publisher with several different...

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mod 5, w2, Video commenting

2017-05-12 | erikvrfrisk

A very exciting blog post headline isn’t it! Using SMS or messages back and forth with our customers, I didn’t think there’d be that much of a servicescape to analyze or discuss. We ...

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Changes in the Australian Higher Ed LMS landscape – a wave, or just a ripple?

2017-05-09 | mark.drechsler

This week, the University of Sydney announced that it was migrating from Blackboard Learn to Canvas, joining RMIT and the University of Adelaide who have also announced similar moves in the last ...

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Expectations on module 5, costumers experience room

2017-05-07 | Gunilla Christiansson

This time, I can´t make up my mind if I will find this module interesting or not. Will the focus on the costumers and employees experience room be too detailed to tickle me? Or will I find new w...

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Expectations on Customer’s experience rooms.

2017-05-05 | erikvrfrisk

I’ve always considered this theme to be rather unexploited by many/most institutions. Perhaps this is the case as service providers don’t realize the huge potential of improving the custom...

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Module 5 – Customer’s experience rooms (week 1)

2017-05-03 | uce2017

Blog about your expectations of the module and in what way it will be of benefit to you (and/or to your organisation/business). My expectations of this module is to get a greater understanding of the ...

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University marketing – a diversity of sorts

2017-05-01 | mark.drechsler

It was Seth Godin who described marketing as a contest for people’s attention, and recently I’ve been pondering the different ways which Universities are attempting to grab ...

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