A greeting from Per

By Per Echeverri, 2018-04-12

Dear participants!

In an hour we will have a webinar in the course module 4 “Customer interactions” with me, Per Echeverri. I am looking forward to meet with you in the zoom-platform (which is new for me).

During the first 2 weeks of this module, you are supposed to watch some videos and read the suggested literature. Based on that, you are supposed to blog some of your reflections, while you are awaiting comments from the other participants. During the webinar I am curious to hear about if you think the content may be of use and relevant in your working context. If you are planning to work with the assignment (for the officially registered students), we may talk a little about your ideas.

For the coming weeks, you have instructions on the homepage and I am happy to discuss this during the webinar as well.

Unfortunately, we have missed to update some of the literature for this module. Soon, you will find two new articles (besides the one of Echeverri & Skålén 2011). We are sorry for that and the delay it creates for you.

See you in a bit!


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