All good things come to an end or do they?

By Jörg Pareigis, 2017-06-02

Molyvos - Open Hotelroom Window

With the end of module 5 on customers’ experience rooms, the course comes to an end for the open learners of #uce72, while the officially registered participants finish their project work.

To all of you, I would like to say thanks for your participation and contributions in the course through blog posts, comments or participation in our tweetchats or webinars or by simply engaging with our course material. I hope that you got something out of the course and have some positive take-aways.

We will send out a course evaluation form shortly and we would highly appreciate it if you would take some time for it.

At the time of writing, I am a bit unsure when the next iteration of the course will take place. The earliest at the spring term 2018. We will keep you posted.

The course homepage will continue to exist and you will still be able to access all materials. It would be great if you would continue to engage with us on Twitter or in any other form. So although all good things come to an end, this course does not necessarily need to!

Have a great summer and hope to speak to you soon!



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