Connect your blog


If you run a blog today, please feel free to use that. Make sure to use a specific category when posting to make sure that you only share posts connected to the course with the group.

If you don´t run a blog today there are several providers where you can start one for free in just a few minutes. It´s easy to start one and you can find guidelines on many places on the internet. For example here connected courses and here edublogs.

Feel free to use any provider you like. Here are a few we recommend: or
Free, simple blog tools. Perfect for the course. Might be a bit small for a more ambitious blog project.
A good choice for more ambitious projects. Still free and easy to get started with.


Each module in the course will build around several reflective blog post. These, as well as other posts you write, are collected to our connected blogs section on the front page of the course website.

To connect your blog just register it in the form below. If your blog is all about the course, just provide the address of your blog. If you are using a blog with other content, provide the address to the ‘category’ or ‘tag’ you have created for the course.

The blog will be visible in the course within 24 hours. Please contact us if you want a blog address removed from our system.


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