Module 6 – Project Work

28 May – 10 June
Facilitator: Assistant Professor Jörg Pareigis


Webinar: Tuesday, 29 May, 12.00 – 13.00 CEST
Assistant Professor Jörg Pareigis will be available to answer your questions about the project work. This is not an ordinary webinar, but your opportunity to get help with the final report if you need it.
We meet as always in:

Webinar: Tuesday, 5 June, 12.00 – 14.00 CEST
This is our final webinar to conclude the course and you should be prepared to shortly (5 to 10 minutes) present your preliminary findings of your final report. The idea is that you are able to get some feedback to further enhance your written report. It is recommended to show some slides to enhance your presentation.
We meet as always in:


Deadline 11 June

This project work is your chance to deepen your knowledge in a specific area on customer experience that interests you! The purpose is to show your ability to apply and critically discuss theories and concepts that you have learned during the course.

Choose a topic in the course that you find interesting or one that is closely related to the topic of customer experience. Problematize it, based on your own experience or investigations of an industry, company, or specific project and critically relate the theoretical articles to your own experiences. You are more than welcome to build your project around your earlier reports in each module, but you can focus on something completely different as well, if you prefer. No matter what, your work should result in a written report of no more than 10 pages (excluding front page and reference list).

In the report it is important to show that you have read the course literature, i.e. the course book and at least 10 articles selected by you.

To critically reflect implies analyses and reflections regarding the question why?, and also questions like; what were the options?, and What could have been done differently? Remember to base your arguments on theory and not only on practical experience.

If you need information on how to refer to previous research in a written text you can find information here.

Examination criteria

1 Reflections and depth of analysis.

2 Findings, solutions, recommendations.

3 Theory use and contextual explanations.

4 Structure and argumentation in the text.

5 Use of space (pages), creativity, and visualization.

Deadline: Monday, 11 June 2018 08.00 CEST
You can hand in your report here. In order to do this you need to login with your Student-ID.

I’m very much looking forward to reading your reports.

Good luck!