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By Jörg Pareigis, 2018-05-07

We are in the beginning of week 2 of the final module of our course and today, we ran our first webinar on the topic of servicescapes / experience rooms.

During the webinar I promised to provide some article regarding e-servicescapes or online servicescapes. Here a shortlist:
Harris, L. C., & Goode, M. M. (2010). Online servicescapes, trust, and purchase intentions. Journal of Services Marketing, 24(3), 230-243.

There are nearly 250 articles referring to the study above. Here is a list of the latest publications doing that. Among those, I’d like to hightlight a few:
Malhotra, N., Sahadev, S., & Purani, K. (2017). Psychological contract violation and customer intention to reuse online retailers: Exploring mediating and moderating mechanisms. Journal of Business Research, 75, 17-28.
Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., & Laroche, M. (2018). Creating the right customer experience online: The influence of culture. Journal of Marketing Communications, 24(3), 270-290.
Teng, H. J., Ni, J. J., & Chen, H. H. (2018). Relationship between e-servicescape and purchase intention among heavy and light internet users. Internet Research, 28(2), 333-350.
Balaji, M. S., & Roy, S. K. (2017). Value co-creation with Internet of things technology in the retail industry. Journal of Marketing Management, 33(1-2), 7-31.
Ballantyne, D., & Nilsson, E. (2017). All that is solid melts into air: the servicescape in digital service space. Journal of Services Marketing, 31(3), 226-235.

Below you can find the slides of today’s webinar.

Finally a short reminder of our next upcoming live event:
Tweetchat: Friday, 18 May 12.00 – 13.00 CEST (check your timezone)

Have a great week and speak soon!


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