Welcome to the Data Plane Programming course

The course runs from January 24th 2022 until June 5th 2022

Welcome to the Data Plane Programming course

Registration Still Open for 2022 edition

Programmable Networks are of great importance. It is the starting point for making computer networks open for innovation. It enables the rapid introduction of new functionalities that make our networks more scalable, reliable and effective. Especially the dataplane is important because it determines the speed, capacity and latency that distributed applications and services will experience. Knowledge […]

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A hybrid mooc

Data Plane Programming is offered in two different versions, running at the same time. It is offered as an “official” credit bearing online course and as an open networked learning course.

Two courses in one

Happy Hacking!

Become part of a great community and interact with professionals from various industries.

Data Plane Programming is a collaboration by Computer Science, CTF, Service Research Center and Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University.

The course is part of the WISR17 project, funded by the Knowledge Foundation between 2018-2020 and involves several companies from different business areas as external partners.