My very first blog!

Ok….so this is my first post in my very first blog.
No pressure, but this has to be good!


So the course Open Networked Learning started today. It will be good……I think. Right now I’m a bit confused but it’s supposed to be like this. In two weeks or so it will be clearer. It always ends up all right somehow.

It will probably demand more time than I expected, but who knows, it’s probably worth it. 🙂


Anyway it’s good to be all set up and ready to go…..

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137 thoughts on “My very first blog!

  1. Well done on getting started and updating your blog with a short reflection! Wasn’t that hard, was it?! Looking forward to the next updates! I’m sure everything will be a lot clearer soon!

  2. Great! I’m happy to see that your blog is set up and that you’ve written something here. And, yes, things will become clearer as we get started:-)

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