This site is a demonstration to the #onl181 community regarding the possibilities of rss feeds and the power of blogging for networked learning. I set this site up within 10 minutes. Everyone can do it and it is really very easy, but you need to have some things in place before you can do it and obviously need to know how. This is where the following comes in. You need:

  1. A self-hosted WordPress site
    You need this in order to being able to install plugins to WordPress (obviously you could do it in other CMS like Joomla or Drupal, but WordPress is just so easy). If your university does not provide you with an own WordPress site, get your own webspace. I’d recommend to use reclaimhosting (obviously any other webhotel would do, but they are former university teachers and are specialised in helping people like me and you). The personal shared hosting version for USD30 will do to start with.
  2. The FeedWordPress plugin or something similar.
  3. That’s it.

Once you have the above in place, which does not need to take very long, the following tutorial will show you how to setup a page like this.

For more detailed information on how to setup a site like this, especially in a educational context. There has also been a mooc about creating courses like this. Connected to this is the notion of Domain of One’s Own and hopefully, many more universities around the globe join in. Karlstad University made a first step in Sweden towards this end. And finally more on WordPress multisites.